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1. Please do not bring food, candy, bottles, or containers into the cinema.

2. Please place your cell phones and pagers on vibrate, silent, or turn them off. Silence is golden in the auditoriums.

3. Please wait until the doors are open to enter your movie auditorium. Our customers very often enjoy watching even the credits roll without being disturbed. Please help us let them enjoy the very last frame of the film. Thank you so much for understanding this, we will open the door for you when the movie has ended and we have swept the floors.

4. Children under eleven must be accompanied by an adult to the movie. Silence is golden in the auditoriums. Please pick dropped off children promptly: no loitering will be allowed and we can not be responsible for anyone's decision to leave the premises.

5. Advance Tickets may be purchased. We do not take credit cards at this time. ATM in lobby for your convenience.

Thank you.